5. At what stage are the negotiations? What are the next steps in the negotiation process? Canada and GNWT concluded their consultation on the draft framework agreement and signed the framework agreement in August 2015. The parties will now begin negotiations with a final agreement. 2. Since its inception, the registration committee has been considered competent, empowered, empowered and authoritative, provided for by final agreements, with powers other than those referred to in the subsection (3). We are reviewing the completion of some job descriptions and contracts to help FNNND perform the work required for all of the programs and files mentioned above. 6. If there is any doubt as to the importance of a provision of this Act, a final agreement or cross-border agreement that is actually in force may be considered an aid to interpretation. 14 The Consolidated Revenue Fund provides the amounts necessary to meet Canada`s monetary commitments in accordance with Chapter 19 of any final agreement that takes effect in Section 4 and in accordance with the corresponding provisions of each final agreement that enters into force in accordance with Section 5. 2. An order of approval of a final or cross-border agreement is submitted to the House of Commons, every thirty days of the meeting of this House after the adoption of the order. To validate and declare legislation to approve, enforce and explain existing fomental claims between Her Majesty the Queen in Canadian law, the Government of yukon and certain Yukon First Nations, in order to authorize, enforce and declare other valid land rights after this Act comes into force and to subsequently amend other laws (2) to achieve their objectives (2) to achieve their objectives , and to declare that other valid land claims have been declared.

, a Renewable Resources Council, created as part of a final agreement, which is in force, has the capacity, rights, powers and privileges of a natural person. 9 (1) To achieve their objectives, the Yukon Land Use Planning Council, the Yukon Heritage Resources Board, the Yukon Geographical Place Names Board, the Fish and Wildlife Management Board and its salmon management subcommittee, as well as the dispute resolution body established under final agreements, have the capacity, rights, powers and privileges of a natural person. The cross-border agreement refers to a cross-border agreement within the meaning of the final agreements and contains all the changes made to it from time to time in accordance with its provisions; (cross-border accordion) (5) In the event of a conflict or inconsistency between the Inuvialuit Final Agreement, as concluded on 31 March 1993, and a final agreement or cross-border agreement in force, the Inuvialuit Final Agreement is applicable to the extent of conflict or inconsistency.