c) With respect to grants to DEC and ANTHC, DEC and ANTHC will certify that the above requirements are included in their agreements with the villages. The above-mentioned certifications and forms must be made available annually by DEC and ANTHC for use in the proposed applications. (5) Form AD 1049, certificate of requirement for alternative drug-free work (subsidies) I for fellows who are not individuals; (4) Form AD 1048, clearance certificate, suspension, ineligibility and voluntary exclusion – operations covered at the lower level; (9) Certification of prohibited liaison agreements. Applicants providing electrical services must provide the Agency with the certificate that they do not require users of a water supply or waste management facility funded by this party to accept electrical service as a precondition for assistance. (8) Guide RD 1940-Q, Appendix A-1, certifications for contracts, grants and loans (in terms of lobbying); and (b) applicants are required to submit to the processing agency, after notification from the processing agency, the following points in order to develop the full application: (e) When favourable measures are taken to respond to a request, the applicant is informed by a letter setting out the conditions that must be understood and which must be agreed before the application can be submitted for further review. In cases where a master`s application is filed by DEC or ANTHC, the conditioning letter includes all projects and the amounts of their grants included in the main application for which favourable action is taken. The letter of conditions does not provide credit and/or subsidy, nor does it provide any guarantee that funds are or will be available for the project. The grant is deemed approved on the date when a signed copy of Form RD 1940-1, a request for commitment, is notified to the applicant. (d) In the absence of favourable action upon request, the applicant is informed in writing by the Rural Development Officer of the reasons why the application was not positively accepted. The notification to the applicant indicates that, in accordance with 7 CFR, Part 11, the applicant may request that the Agency review that decision. (3) Form AD 1047, clearance certification, suspension and other liability issues; (6) FORM RUS 266, compliance insurance form or written declaration of self-certification – Civil Rights Compliance; (a) Reference bulletins, instructions and forms are intended for the management of grants for this part and are available from each USDA Rural Development Office or the Rural Utilities Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, DC 20250-1500. (7) LLL-type form, disclosure of lobbying activities;.