If you haven`t been paid overtime starting in April 2014 while working at Target, we`d love to hear from you. Sign up Now your interest and send other questions, comments or documents to: target@aderolaw.com.au Adero conducts due diligence investigations into underpaid overtime and penalties for Target branch employees across the country. If, as of April 2014, you have been used by target at any time, we invite you to express your interest today. There has never been more time to be a member of the AWU. That is why we are fighting for an agreement that offers a fair increase in wages, strong working conditions and secure jobs – that is our priority. The new agreement will set your wages and working conditions for the next few years. All salary brackets may be entitled to unpaid overtime and penalties, including branch managers. Download a copy of the AWU “Log of Claims” survey, complete it and send it back to your AWU organizer. Together, we can fight for a better offer – encourage a non-AWU member at your workplace to join us. Wage pay scandals in Australia are evolving. The established practice, known as “PTR” (short for “Pay To Roster”), prevents employees of multi-million dollar companies from accurately capturing time spent in the workplace. This practice means that employees are only paid for their normal hours of work, while they lose their penalty and overtime allowances to which they are entitled. If, since April 2014, you have been working in a target Australian store in an employee role, you can participate in this proposed group action.