An excellent example of Symantec`s “user license,” better understood in practice as a device, is endpoint protection, the recently repackaged anti-virus product, which also contains other features for malware protection and implementation of computer security policies. Endpoint Protection is sold by the user, and the CLA is clear that the product is allowed per user, just like Enterprise Vault. However, unlike Enterprise Vault, THE EULA ENDPOINT Protection states that any physical or virtual instance performed must be dismissed. While this certainly makes sense, considering that every machine in an environment is a candidate for such protection, it also means that it is more useful to pursue it as a device-based license. A useful point for managing Endpoint`s protection licenses: there is an important exception that allows an additional instance run in Windows XP mode on Windows 7 computers – in other words, two instances of the application are covered by a single license. Data Loss Prevention Standard and other “point of arrival” products are generally also granted on the basis of devices. Ultimately, when reviewing Symantec user licenses, it is important to fully understand what a “user” is and what it is not, as well as the additional rights and restrictions associated with that specific product. Of course, not all Symantec products allowed per device are sold or marked per user. Some are routinely treated as device-based, such as CommandCentral, Symantec`s memory resource and modification management solution. Outside of NetBackup, similar storage space models are used for other components such as Enterprise Vault`s Discovery Collector option, which allows the discovery collector to license the amount of data identified by the Discovery Collector. And some are sold on the basis of gigabytes instead of terabytes. The terms of the sequel.

The suite is sold under the terms of the Veritas Corporate, Academic or Government Licensing Program, as well as the following additional conditions, depending on the shape factor of the components of the suite. Additional conditions are listed below or published on Finally, the animal processor license works in the same way as typical examples based on processors, probably already familiar to most people, but again with the additional construction of price levels. Like many other major publishers, Symantec counts Multicore chips as a single processor. To determine the number of licenses required to cover a single computer, just count the number of processor tockets occupied. However, if you`re dealing with multi-chip servers, remember that you need to count the base on the multi-chip module and not on the platinum holder. Government and university agreements are made available to qualified institutions in these verticals, including the main contractors of the state. These programs are very similar to Express, but have preferred entry-level levels, thresholds and prices. Academic subscriptions are also available. Suppose I want to buy Symantec Backup Exec 2014. But I`m not sure what kind of license I need to get.

There is a License Standard edition, which is called The Standard Bundle License or something in the price list, which is actually quite expensive. On the other hand, there are the basic and Initial Essential initial license types that are much cheaper. Can you explain the difference between the standard bundle license and the Initial Basic or Essential License? Thanks in advance! Please note that Veritas products that were released prior to January 29, 2016 may contain a Symantec brand. When new versions of the products are released, Veritas will update the branding in the Veritas brand image product.