Late English (called mutual consent to arbitration): from the old French compromise, from the Latin compromise “un consent à l`arbitrage”, castrate the past participation of compromittere, com- `together` + promittere (see promise). But after reaching a compromise, the IRS authorized the school in March 2002 as a tax-exempt nonprofit. Meanwhile, our policy is in a country of Never, where the word “compromise” is spoken only as experiential by those who want to impose their will and extend their mandate to the detriment of reasonable dialogue and any serious attempt to find comprehensive and inclusive solutions. 1An agreement or settlement of a dispute obtained by each party with concessions. Average English, the reciprocal promise to stick to the decision of an arbitrator, Anglo-French compromises, Latin compromisesum, neuter von compromissus, past participation of compromittere to promise each other, to promise com + promittere, to learn more about the thesaurus promise: all synonyms and antonyms for compromise. Christine A. Scheller: Balance The Budget Debate With Rev. Dr. DeForest Soaries 2mass noun The appropriate acceptance of standards lower than what is desirable. .

“Compromise with a double room with a single bed and a private shower room and a bedroom with double bed and a master bathroom.” Emetophobia tends to compromise my relationships and turn me into a selfish idiot. . 3with an object discredited or dangerous by prying, senseless or ruthless behavior. He tried to compromise the security of the computer by guessing the password. . If you have a “problem” zeal in the legislative process, the word compromise is a bad word and legislative processes require compromises. – Advertisement for the hotel in Manchester, cited on 29 November 2008. Honestly, if you continue to compromise him and his good reputation by coming to his studio like this, he will ruin him. Politics on both sides of South Asia leaves little room for compromise or dialogue. Talfourd is strongly inclined to compromise with printers under any conditions. A secret mission compromised and had to be abandoned. It is clear that he does not like my compromise, but he seems resigned.

Inappropriate design is a compromise between high-tech and early America. He complained about his freedom on the grounds that slavery in free territory was illegal under the compromise. It wouldn`t be the first term of Russian espionage to do so And the word compromise within the government is not a dirty word. All of us – not you – we all compromise because other people compromise. Many Americans would reduce pilot training to $5,000 because they were supposed to be the best compromise. An example of compromise is a very clean person who decides that he does not need to wipe every day to have a good family moment. An example of a compromise is a teenager who wants to go home at midnight while his parents want them to come home at 10 p.m., they end up agreeing at 11 p.m. Honestly, the former has tried to find a compromise between the directly opposing views of beef and Mr Neumann.

The introduction of the word compromise may surprise many people because they have been made to believe that, as soon as he feels attached to vision, the Führer cannot afford to be flexible. The word compromise seems to mean that you are a total wimp if you are a compromise. The survey also showed why Obama placed the term “compromise” at the center of his national televised speech in late July. .