Through practice, these agreements alter our relationship with others and with ourselves, while at the same time taking an interest in positive practices designed to increase joy, peace, and love throughout our lives. Identified four self-limiting beliefs that hinder the experience of freedom, true happiness, and love. • Engraved with the text of the bestseller The Four Agreements Q. Do you accept returns? A. Yes. Please send us an email with the reason for your return and we give you instructions for the return. We insert a clear hypoallergenic coating on our bronze and brass jewelry, which delays the start-up. This is applied with electric currents such as plated, but clearly. From this context, it will eventually wear out, especially on surfaces that constantly rub the skin, such as for example. B the inner sides of the rings and bracelets. You can answer your question by sellers, manufacturers or customers who have purchased this product.

We are proud to have collaborated with a metal supplier in Indonesia to water with recycled silver certified 925 sterling. Patina on certain styles of jewelry will actually enhance the beauty and depth of the design. Leaving the natural patina on your jewelry is a personal decision. If you prefer your jewelry to stay shiny, we recommend using Sunshine polishing wipes, then rinse them with clean water and dry them thoroughly. There are many methods of natural cleaning at home. Check out our Pinterest account for some of the recipes on offer. Orders have a longer processing and delivery time during the year-end period due to high quantities and supplier closures on public holidays. Delivery abroad took place from 1 December to 31 December 2020. Q. What are your jewelry made of? One. We make jewelry in 925 sterling solid silver, solid bronze and a limited range of solid brass. All chains and ear threads are made of 925 sterling solid silver, even on bronze items.

We equipped all the pieces of bronze and brass with a clear coating to delay the start-up. If a layer of patina accumulates on your jewelry, we advise you to use a treated rilloise to slightly polish the surface. We love the Sunshine polisher wipes that are offered for sale HERE. Rinse with clean water after polishing and dry thoroughly….