Suppliers must maintain their licenses and certifications in good condition and cooperate with the Aetna Better Health Recredentialing program. Aetna Better Health must be informed of any significant changes in the supplier`s qualifications that affect the continued accuracy of the registration information provided to Aetna Better Health. In concluding the participating supplier agreement, the supplier undertakes to comply with all listed terms and conditions, to comply with all Aetna Better health guidelines, procedures and programs in force, as well as the Aetna Better Health Provider manual. In addition, the supplier agrees with Aetna Better Health`s ongoing monitoring of the supplier to ensure compliance with the above. Below is a representative list of policies, procedures and programs that suppliers must comply with. This list is not exhaustive and can be changed after notification to the affected suppliers. Suppliers are available to Aetna Better Health members under Section 2 – Supplier Management and the supplier`s role in this “Time and Wait Time” offer guide. Providers agree with other participating Aetna Better health providers to ensure 24-hour call coverage for their members, as outlined in this provider manual. Please note that the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) requires that access to Medicaid receptors be no less than that of all other patients.

Participating vendors link with the Kentucky Health Information Exchange (KHIE). Suppliers ensure that vendor-to-supplier records are transmitted in a timely and confidential manner, in accordance with Section 8. Quality management of this vendor guide under “Transfer of Medical Records.” In Section 4 – Member Services and Benefits of this Provider Manual, suppliers must familiarize themselves with and comply with aetna Better Health “Members Rights and Responsibilities.” Participating suppliers are committed to quality improvement, usage verification, peer review, complaint, registration information and new registration information, as well as all other policies and procedures that Aetna Better Health may implement, including occasional changes to the above guidelines, procedures and programs. Note: The poly pharmacy program requires verification of prescription practices, including, but not limited to, members with a large number of unique prescribed medications, duplication of drugs, interactions and missing medications.