The Citrix license offers simple language, flexible terms and transparent application of Citrix software to protect your legal and financial interests. This includes providing integrated licensing for our desktop, data center and network products for your business. Rest assured that we have the right virtual computing solution and licensing program for your business. With integrated management and a centralized license server that`s easy to manage and configure, Citrix provides consistent licensing management for many products. The “My Account” section provides easy access to all the tools and resources you need to manage your business with Citrix: Manage your licenses, download software and update your profile. In addition, depending on your business needs, you can upgrade to a higher product release, try other Citrix products and more. All Citrix products and associated support and maintenance are subject to an end-user license agreement that comes with the products and is available online elsewhere. The use of this component is subject to the Citrix license for the Citrix products with which you will use this component. This component is only allowed for the use of such Citrix products. For many products and licensing models, the use of the license can be automatically recorded and monitored by a central license server.

Centralized usage reports help your business make informed decisions and ensure your business has the licenses to facilitate non-over-the-end and seamless operations of end-users. customers can also use product promotions to save money starting with Citrix`s new or advanced virtual IT plans. The use of this is subject to the Citrix licenses of the Citrix products with which you will use this component. The license of this allows the use of the latter only with Licensed Citrix products. Go to the link below to access all end-user licensing agreements (EULA). 구성요사용은해당구성요를사용하는 Citrix을 다루는 Citrix 라센스의적용을받습다구성요는러사용에만라센스가부여됩사용에만라센스가부여됩다 Citrix.