The following information finds its source in the transcriptions of the late Johann Müller of Beitigheim/Bissingen of the Varsád Lutheran Church Records.


Becker, Johann Adam from Rhein/Heimbach in Hessen married Barbara Elisabeth Enkemeyer on 27.06.1772 in Varsád.


Conrad,  Johann Michael from Werigerode in the Duchy of Halberstadt married Anna Maria Müller in Varsád on 18.06.1731.

Corell, Johann Conrad from Wellingshaus, Amt Ziegenheim, Hessen Kassel married Anna Elisabeth Sert on 18.04.1752 in Varsád.


Daum, Johannes from Oberkreuzbach in the Duchy of Erbach married Anna Eva Diesberger on 23.1`1.1728 in Varsád.


Dieter, Maria Elisabeth was the daughter of Johann Wilhelm Dieter of Niedergleen in Hessen Nassau and married Johann Martin Kuhlmann in Varsád on 20.11.1725.


Dietz, Jacob’s wife Anna Dorothea born in Soden, Hessen around 1754 died in Varsád on 11.08.1779.


Emert, Margaret the daughter of Michael Emert now living in Izmény came from Wurzburg.  She married Johannes Lachel a widower from Kalalznó on 22.01.1765 in Varsád.


Euchmeyer, Elisabeth of Neukirchen in the Bishopric of Fulda married Conrad Zoll and widower in Varsád on 16.04.1776.


Faust, Johann Ludwig from Schlitt in Hessen married Barbara Catharina Heil on 01.08.1723 in Varsád,


Fichtenauer, Johann Georg from Hagenau in Austria married Maria Eva Ferber in Varsád on 22.11.1729.

 Franck, Johann Heinrich the son of Lorenz Franck of Storndorf in Hessen married Eva Catharine Ruhl on 24.11.1740 in Varsád.  

Gärtner, Johann Jacob from Hanau married Anna Margaret Fausst on 14.05.1724 in Varsád.


Groth, Conrad was born in Gingligen bei Haussen in Hessen around 1759 and died in Varsád on 03.04.1780.


Haberkorn, Philip Heinrich from Allendorf in Hessen Darmstadt married Anna Margaret Ewald on 21.11.1741 in Varsád.


Heil, Barbara Catharina from Schlitt in Hessen married Johann Ludwig Faust on 01.08.1723 in Varsád.


Hild, Johann Wendel of Soden, Hessen married Anna Kedert on 27.06.1724 in Varsád.


Hoffmann, Johann Michael from the Duchy of Erbach married Anna Elisabeth Dechert on 05.02.1765 in Varsád.


Ifft, Anna Elisabeth from Degenfels in the Duchy of Hofer married Johann Müller in Varsád on 17.05.1768.


Jackl, Johannes from Langenheim married Anna Catharina Mossbach in Varsád on 13.02.1766.


Kram, Catharina Elisabeth the daughter of Johann Conrad Kram of Langenschwarz in Hessen married Veit Schwind in Varsád on 25.07.1771.


Kuhlmann, Johann Martin from Gross Gerau in Hessen married Maria Elisabeth Dieter on 20.11.1725 in Varsád.


Kuhn, Peter the son of Kasper Kuhn of Huttenges in Isenburg, Hessen married Anna Margaret Buchenauer in Varsád on 23.11.1741.


Lang, Anna Maria the daughter of Christian Lang and his wife Gertraut from Lehrbach in Hessen Darmstadt married Johann Heinrich Becker a widower from Kistormás on 05.01.1741 in Varsád.


Lang, Johann Jacob was born in Gerassheim in Hessen and died in Varsád on 28.08.1729.


Martin, Conrad came from Erbenhausen, Hessen Darmstadt and married Anna Maria Sauer in Varsád on 04.10.1740.


Moser, Friedrich was born in Zeilberg, Amt Konigsbraun, Hessen in 1740 and died in Varsád on 07.03.1767.


Mossbach, Anna Catharina  from Eichelheim married Johannes Jackl in Varsád on 13.02.1766.


Müller, Johann from Brandenstein in Hessen Kassel married Anna Elisabeth Ifft on 17.05.1768 in Varsád.


Müller, Johann Georg from Oberbeyersbach in Hessen married Anna Catharina Pitchon on 30.05.1723 in Varsád.


Nagel, Johann David born around 1655 in Niederflem, Saarbrücken died in Varsád on 29.07.1725.


Peter, Johann Heinrich from Hoffgarten, Hessen married Anna Elisabeth Weber in Varsád on 10.06.1738.


Pfeiffer, Johann came from the Pfalz and married Eva Margaret Maas on 11.05.1724 in Varsád.


Presching, Johann Veith from the Zips married Elisabeth Dechert in Varsád in 1729.


Rollion, Johann Peter from Hessen Kassel married Anna Elisabeth Hild in Varsád on 16.01.1776.


Schlegel, Johann Heinrich a widower came from Vogelstange in Hessen and married Anna Catharina Barcs in Varsád on 13.10.1772.


Sert, Anna Elisabeth the daughter of Johann Georg Sert from Kirtorff, Hessen married Johann Conrad Corell on 18.04.1752 in Varsád.


Sievald, Anna Elisabeth the daughter of Ernst Sievald and his wife Anna was born in Friedewald in Hessen.  She married Johann Nikolaus Sieber from Batáapáti in Varsád in 1771.


Spitznagel, Maria Magdalena the daughter of Wiegand Spitznagel from Nith in Hessen Darmstadt married Johann Tickl in Varsád on 18.10.1741.


Stegmayer, Philip a widower the son of Paul Stegmayer of Langensteinbach in Württemberg married a widow Margaret Elisabeth Gross in Varsád on 09.05.1741.


Unger, Anna Margaret the daughter of Kilian Unger from Zeitloff in Hessen married Peter Knoch a widower from Nagyszékely on 04.09.1765 in Varsád.


Weber, Anna Elisabeth the daughter of Johannes Weber of Erbenhausen, Hessen Darmstadt married Johann Heinrich Peter in Varsád on 10.06.1738.


Ziegler, Christoph from Schwarzenbach in the Bishopric of Fulda married Anna Elisabeth Neb a widow in Varsád on 11.06.1732.

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