The following information comes from the transcriptions of Johann Müller of the parish records of the Lutheran Church in Kismányok.


Deckmann, Wiegand from Reichenbach in Hessen married Margaret Klein in Kismányok on 24.07.1734.


Eckersberger, Johann Carl was born in Asch in Bohemia and died in Kismányok on 14.11.1805.


Feller, Johann was born in Oberkalbach, Hessen around 1735 and died in Kismányok on 18.08.1793.


Funk, Lorenz was born around 1786 in Bern, Switzerland and died in Kismányok on 01.01.1832.


Furmeister, Franz Philip from Weigenbach, Amt Ortenberg in Hessen married Anna Maria Ausfeller in Kismányok on 20.07.1731.


Guld, Johannes who was living in Majos had been born in Württemberg and married Anna Magdalena Fischer of Izmény on 28.03.1734 in Kismányok.


Haass, Maria Magdalena from Sachsenhausen married Johann Georg Eckl in Kismányok on 05.06.1735.


Heinke, Johann Georg was born around 1739 in Sulzfeld and died in Kismányok on 06.11.1820.


Hoch, Heinrich of Grossbach in Hanau married Anna Elisabeth Joh on 21.05.1744 in Kismányok.


Joh, Anna Elisabeth from Kornberg, Hessen married Heinrich Hoch on 21.05.1744 in Kismányok.


Klein, Margaret from Reichenbach in Hessen married Wiegand Deckmann in Kismányok on 24.07.1734.


Koch, Johannes born in Weichersbach, Amt Schwarenfels in Hessen married Elisabeth Schmidt on 19.06.1762 in Kismányok.


Maitinger, Johann Daniel came from Ortenberg, Hessen and married Maria Elisabeth Roth in Kismányok on 11.06.1744.


Marhauser, Johann Adam born around 1734 in Odenhausen, Amt Weylberg in Hessen Nassau and died in Kismányok on 29.01.1797.


Mergl, Johann Jacob was born in Bobbliegen, Württemberg around 1765 and died in Kismányok on 09.09.1787.


Mosser, Johann Nikolaus from Frühwiller in Switzerland married Anna Magaret Hosser in Kismányok on 03.02.1733.


Nikolaus, Gottfried from Kaiserslautern in the Pfalz married Anna Barbara Ruck in Kismányok on 18.11.1732.


Orther, Johann Michael born around 1728 in Ober Otterbach, Zweibrücken died in Kismányok on 01.01.1797.


Pfeiffer, Jacob was born in Appenzell in Switzerland and married Elisabeth Weiss in Kismányok on 22.01.1771.


Rudolph, Johannes of Lausitz, Saxony married Susanne Gotz in Kismányok on 21.10.1732.


Schaadt, Maria Magdalena from Württemberg married Georg Friedrich Singer living in Batáapáti on 05.04.1752 in Kismányok.


Sengewald, Heinrich Christoph born around 1803 in Ober Oblingen and died in Kismányok on 10.03.1830.


Stahl, Johann was born in Sand, Hessen around 1751 and died in Kismányok on 17.08.1791.


Stahlhaus, Johannes was living in Izmény at the time of his marriage to Maria Magdalena Hess on 16.01.1776 in Kismányok.  He had originated in Hanau.


Turm, Johann Michael was born around 1734 in Steinbach, Zweibrücken and died in Kismányok on 06.10.1797.


Weber, Johannes was born in Mittelbach around 1768 and married Anna Maria Kremer on 13.02.1792 in Kismányok.


Wiessinger, Samuel who was living in Hidas had arrived there from Pressburg and married Anna Margaret Maylach on 26.04.1744 in Kismányok.

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