The following information is based on the transcriptions of Johann Müller of the parish records of the Reformed Church in Nagyszékely.


Alt, Elisabeth Maria from Hessen/Kassel married Johann Wilhelm Nagel on 20.11.1732 in Nagyszékely.


Bartsch, Friedrich from Lachten zu Schorzheim married Catharina Heil in Nagyszékely on 02.11.1773.


Bauss, Nikolaus from Heimbuch, Amt Schwarzenfels, Hessen married Karolotta Junghaus on 08.06.1770 in Nagyszékely.


Bechtl, Johann Jacob was born in Ziegenheim, Hessen and died in Nagyszékely on 26.10.1772.


Berner, Eva from Motgers, Amt Schwarzenfels, Hessen married Johann Georg Rohrbach in Nagyszékely on 12.04.1796.


Bruder, Johann Georg’s widow Anna Catharina born in Worfelden Kreis Russelsheim around 1659 died in Nagyszékely on 23.09.1725.


Deffner (Tefner), Eva the daughter of Johannes of Weichersbach, Amt Schwarzenfels in Hessen married Johannes Schmitt a widower in Nagyszékely on 02.05.1733.


Deffner (Tefner), Johann Adam from Jagersfeld, Hessen married Anna Veronika a widow on 24.06.1733 in Nagyszékely.


Deffner (Tefner), Kilian from Sündersbach, Amt Schwarzenfels, Hessen married Sybilla Müller on 07.01.1733 in Nagyszékely.


Deissenroth, Gabriel born around 1739 in Wippers bei Hochheim in Hessen/Kassel arrived ill in Nagyszékely in the company of his wife and daughter to join his brother Johann and died of fever after six days on 11.10.1786.


Deissenroth, Johannes from Hirschfeld, Hessen married Rosine Koch in Nagyszékely on 18.01.17874.


Dorr, Michael born around 1714 in Eidengesess in the Duchy of Hanau and died in Nagyszékely on August of 1738.


Echardt, Heinrich now living in Ecsény in Somogy County was born in Neudorf in Hessen and married Anna Maria Neuthert on 16.04.1777 in Nagyszékely.


Ferber, Ludwig’s wife Susanne Maria born in Ostheim, Hanau around 1713 died in Nagyszékely in July of 1737.


Frischkorn, Gottlieb a widower from Neu Cronau, Amt Schwarzenfels, Hessen married Anna Margaret Riess on 09.11.1756 in Nagyszékely.


Fuss, Heinrich living in Kapoly born in Steinau auf der Strasse in Hanau married Christine Roth on 05.02.1799 in Nagyszékely.


Gerberich, Johann Ferdinand from Steinbach in Hessen and the son of Johannes married Anna Gertraut Jacob on 29.04.1725 in Nagyszékely.


Graff, Kaspar from Fillingen, Amt Braunfels had a daughter baptized on 03.10.1744.


Griess, Kaspar of Amt Braunfels had his daughter Anna Dorothea who died five days after her birth buried in Nagyszékely on 07.10.1744.


Grund, Susanne Karlotta from Alsenbruck, Amt Frankenstein married Johann Peter Frischkorn on 06.02.1787 in Nagyszékely.


Guthmann, Johannes of Amt Braunfels in Hessen had his daughter Anna Christina buried in Nagyszékely on 26.06.1744.  The infant died at the age of 20 weeks.

Haimbuch, Conrad from Huttengesess, Amt Hornberg, Hessen married Barbara Euler on 07.01.1766 in Nagyszékely.  

Heil, Simon from Oberkalbach in Hessen married Anna Margaret Salbach on 20.01.1765 in Nagyszékely.


Hermann, Johann Martin from Markobel in Hanau married Rosina Kaufmann on 10.11.1741 in Nagyszékely.


Hinkel, Johann Nikolaus from Unter Cronau, Amt Schwarzenfels, Hessen married Maria Catharine Boller on 28.09.1744 in Nagyszékely.


Homann, Heinrich from Oberzell, Amt Schwarzenfels, Hessen married Catharina Prescher in Nagyszékely on 24.11.1772.


Homberger (Hamberger), Johann Kaspar a widower from the Zips in Slovakia married Gertraut a widow on 08.02.1723 in Nagyszékely.


Hugel, Johannes from Wippers bei Holzheim married Anna Elisabeth Jacob on 08.01.1788 in Nagyszékely.


Hupfer, Andreas from Ödenburg in Sopron County married Catharina Ferber on 02.02.1768 in Nagyszékely.


Junghaus, Karlotta from Motgers, Amt Schwarzenfels, Hessen married Nikolaus Bauss in Nagyszékely on 08.06.1770.


Kalb, Martin from Saxony married Ottilia Foller on 10.01.1736 in Nagyszékely.


Kaufmann, Baltasar a widower was born in Klein Salbach, Hessen and married Anna Margaret Prescher in Nagyszékely on 02.05.1779.


Keck, Johann Jacob who was the fourth pastor to serve in Nagyszékely was born in Eberstadt in Baden on 31.03.1730 and died here in 24.01.1789.


Kiltau, Martin was born in Hanau around 1739 and died in Nagyszékely on 14.01.1812.


Koch, Johann Philip from Isenburg had a son baptized on 24.09.1746.  He married Anna Maria Theiringer in Nagyszékely on 20.05.1737.


Kohmer, Heinrich was born around 1674 in Markkobel, Hessen and died in Nagyszékely on 02.06.1743.


Klostermann, Peter from Kappelheim married Elisabeth Prescher on 05.01.1743 in Nagyszékely.


Lang, Anna Margaret the daughter of Johann Martin Lang from Mittelgmund, Amt Markolzhausen married Veith Ritter in Nagyszékely on 09.10.1728.


Ledig, Johannes from Lorch in Hessen married Anna Catharina Hochheim on 16.09.1745 in Nagyszékely.


Lohmann, Anna Cunigunde a widow born in Weichersbach, Amt Schwarzenfels, Hessen married Valentin Roth on 10;01.1797 in Nagyszékely.


Müller, Barthel who was born in Sündersbach, Amt Schwarzenfels in Hessen arrived in Nagyszékely on May 20, 1773 from Ortenberg, Hessen with his wife and five children and died on 20.10.1773 at the age of 64 years.


Müller, Johannes from Oberzell, Amt Schwatz in the Pfalz had a son baptized on 24.11.1726.


Müller, Johannes born in Oberkalbach, Amt Schwarzenfels in Hessen around 1747 died in Nagyszékely on 31.12.1767.


Müller, Sybilla from Breitenbach, Hessen married Kilian Deffner on 07.01.1733 in Nagyszékely.


Muhl, Johann Georg and his wife Anna Maria from Wiessloch in the Pfalz lost their newborn son Johann Daniel on 30.06.1746 and he was buried in Nagyszékely.


Nagel, Wilhelm and his wife Elisabeth from Ortenberg in Hessen had a daughter baptized on 01.07.1740.


Pabst, Johann Heinrich from Neu Cronau, Amt Schwarzenfels, Hessen married Gertraut a widow in Nagyszékely on 09.06.1744.


Paffer, Anna Catharina the daughter of Nikolaus Paffer from Fulda married Valentine Koch on 30.11.1728 in Nagyszékely.


Raab, Maria from Marshausen, Hessen married Johann Leonhard Ritter in Nagyszékely on 07.06.1730.


Remmer, Matthias born in Ödenburg in Sopron County married Anna Margaret Werner on 05.05.1778 in Nagyszékely.


Rics, Paul from Eidengesess, Hanau married Elisabeth Wegmann on 02.01.1734 in Nagyszékely.


Ritter, Johann Leonhard from Unteralthenheim in Franconia married Maria Raab on 07.06.1730 in Nagyszékely.


Ritter, Margaret from Castellano in Franconia married Daniel Neuheuser in Nagyszékely on 26.11.1731.


Ritter, Veith the son of Michael Ritter of Unteraltenheim in Franconia married Anna Margaret Lang on 09.10.1728 in Nagyszékely.


Rod, Nikolaus was born in Mengeshausen around 1704 and died in Nagyszékely on 09.03.1730.


Roth, Valentin from Gundhelm, Ober Hessen married Dorothea Strott on 31.07.1772 in Nagyszékely. 


Ruppert, Johannes from Neu Cronau, Amt Schwarzenfels, Hessen married Magdalena Kaufmann on 03.06.1755 in Nagyszékely.Sc


Schmidt, Johann Heinrich from Burgfa bei Appenheim in the Kurpfalz married Anna Veronika Hoch on 03.01.1730 in Nagyszékely.

Schmidt, Johann Peter’s daughter Anna of Gross Gerau in Hessen was buried in Nagyszékely at the age of two years on 07.06.1723.  Johann Peter died in Nagyszékely on 16.12.1783 and his age was listed as “over” 70 years.


Schwab, Johann Jacob’s daughter Anna Maria who was born around 1723 in Allstadt bei Friedburg died in Nagyszékely on 04.09.1744.


Seltenheim, Jacob, the son of Johann Georg Seltenheim of Semmelroth, Hessen died in Nagyszékely on 30.08.1784.


Simon, Burghardt from Strisslitz, Amt Schwarzenfels, Hessen married Rosine Herbst on 11.06.1772 in Nagyszékely.


Strott, Dorothea from Heubach, Amt Schwarzenfels, Hessen married Valentin Roth on 31.07.1772 in Nagyszékely.


Strott, Kaspar from Streglitz, Amt Schwarzenfels, Hessen married Anna Margaret Schneider on 06.02.1773 in Nagyszékely.


Theiring, Johannes from Amt Schwarzenfels, Hessen married Catharina Knittel in Nagyszékely on 16.05.1773.


Thurm, Johann Georg from Amt Schwarzenfels in Hessen married Anna Margaret Reichardt on 23.01.1759 in Nagyszékely.


Ulrich, Johannes from Oberkalbach in Hessen married Anna Elisabeth Lanner on 31.07.1755 in Nagyszékely.


Unger, Kilian from Ostheim, Hanau married Gertraut Müller on 10.04.1740 in Nagyszékely.


Unger, Ulrich was born in Ostheim, Hanau around 1709 and died in Nagyszékely on 29.12.1757.


Weissenauer, Johann Hermann of Lorbach in Hessen the son of Johannes married Julianna Elisabeth Hartenstern in Naygszékely on 17.09.1722.


Winecker, Vitus was born in Unteraltenheim in Franconia around 1700 and died in Nagyszékely on 09.04.1736.


Zimmer, Hans Adam born around 1712 in Unteraltenheim in Franconia and died in Nagyszékely on 02.07.1732.


Zinkamm, Anna Catharina the daughter of Cornad Zinkamm from Amt Schwarzenfels in Hessen married Johann Jacob on 05.01.1745 in Nagyszékely.

12 Responses to “ Origins of Families in Nagyszekely ”

  1. Rosemarie Brooks says:

    I am a descendent of the Neidert, Schott, Holzapfel, Berg, Prescher intermarriages over the centuries. My mother Katharina was born in Nagyszekely in 1927 to Johann Neidert and Katharina Schott. My great grandmother was Katharina Braubach, great grandfather Heinrich Schott. One generation further back maternally was Prescher. Of the families that emigrated to Canada after WWII were cousins named Neidert, Schott, Berg, Knoch, Koch, Holzapfel and Esterle (name changed from Esterlich during immigration). I’ve always wanted to know more…thank you for getting me started on sources!

  2. Linda McKinney says:

    My grandparents were from the same village. I am sure I am related to the above party. Schott was my great-grandmother’s maiden name. She married into the Holzapfel family.

  3. Elizabeth Horvath says:

    My grandma is 102yr now: Katherine Neidert (adopted name) by K & Andreas Neidert of Nagyszekely; married Andreas Neidert who may have had been related to her adoptive father, had son also Andreas Neidert now deceased and my mother, also a Katherine Neidert. Mom wld like to trace her birth parents family but they travelled much due to needing work, Oma’s family had 12 kids and she was 7th and the only one adopted out to her birth mom’s cousin, Katherine Knoch Neidert about 1919.

  4. Irene Kildau Newhouse says:

    My parents are both descendents of families that lived in the Tolna (Bonnya, Nagyszekely, Tevel) region of Hungary. They were forced to leave at the end of WWII, first to Germany and then eventually to Nebraska. Your information on this site is giving me a wealth of information. I now have an alternate spelling of our family name, that I was never aware of (Kilthau). I am looking forward to researching more to add to our family history.

  5. Elke Werschky says:

    My mother, Margaretha (Margit) Nagel, was born in Nagyszekely in 1927. Her parents were Andreas Nagel and Margaretha Lohmann.
    There are further Names: Heinrich Kildau, Katharina Stroh and others. In 1943 my Mother married Heinrich Berg, Son of Heinrich Berg and Margaretha Berg. Heinrich Berg jr. died in Russia during the WWII. In 1947 my mother and the whole family came to East Germany. She had friends in Canada. Is there anybody who knows my family?

  6. Sandra white says:

    My mom, grandparents, great grandparents came from nagyszekely back during the war, landed in Halifax and moved to southern Ontario. In our background the have been neiderts,hambergers,schillings, friends names, lohmann, Szombathely also came and settled in ont. Nice to trace back further

  7. Sandra White says:

    My families both came from that area. I can trace some names back with paperwork I have. My greatgradfather was Schilling but desended from Schneider,Kilthau,Holzapfel and Juntand on my great grandma mother’s side,we have Neidert, Hamberger,Koch and Berg

  8. Laszlo Weber says:


    My ancestor, Magdalena Schilling (1819-1886), came from Nagyszékely and married in the adjacent county in the village Harta, Hungary.
    Her parents was Konrad Schilling and Elisabeth …… I would like to contact with the member of Schilling, Neidert, Wiand, Jakob, Knoch, Öhl families in Germany and the United States.

    Dear relative, if you want to write to me, you can do it to the following e-mail address.

    Sincerely, László Weber

  9. Vámi István says:

    István Vámi is a retired school principal and teacher of history. By marriage I became one of the Germans (Swabians) in Nagyszékely. My wife Annamaria Heimbuch’s family tree was compiled from the 18th century settlement. Through the marriages of the past 300 years, almost every family name found in the village is included in the family tree (Heimbuch, Schilling, Tippel, Lohmann, Berg, Kiltau, Shott, Ferter, Schilling, Neidert, etc.).
       I would like to make contact with the great-grandchildren and descendants who lived anywhere in the world.

  10. Vámi István says:

    Feleségem Mária Heimbuch. Családja a 18. század elején történt betelepülés óta Nagyszékelyben élt. Édesanyja Annamária Lohmann. A családfáját a templomban található anyakönyv segítségével 9. ükapjáig sikerült összeállítani. Hessenből Spielberg faluból jött. Szinte az egész falú rokonságban volt egymással. Neidert, Kiltau, Ferter,Shott, Sccneider, Schilling, Berg stb családnevek vannak a családfán. Sajnos, ez a jobb sorsra érdemes település a kitalepítés után hanyatlásnak indult. Az ősi sváb családok közül csak maroknyian élnek Nagyszékelyben. Anyósom levélben tartotta a kapcsolatot az Ausztriában, Németországban, USA-ban, Canadában élő rokonokkal, ismerősökkel, de halála után ez megszakadt. Lányom főiskolai diplomamunkájában a család 20. századi történetét középpontjában a kitelepítéssel írta meg. Rengeteg kép, levél van a birtokomban, amelyek közül néhányat a facebooken található Nagyszékely oldalra is felraktam. Szívesen tartanék kapcsolatot olyan második, harmadik generációs nagyszékelyi leszármazottakkal, akiket a falu, a családok multja, jelene érdekel. Németül beszélek.

  11. Tracy Perkins says:

    My grandfather, John (Janos) Schneider, was from Nagyszékely, as was my grandmother’s family (Heinbuch or Heimbuch). My great-grandmother’s parents were Konrad Heinbuch and Margareta Neidert. Many of the people from Nagyszékely were friends of my grandparents in Akron, Ohio. I would be interested in corresponding with anyone from the Schneider, Klingenstein (great-grandparents, grandfather’s side), and Heimbuch families. My step-great grandmother was Katarina Knoch and she married John Kohler. Further back in the tree we have Holb, Reth, Fritch and Schott. Are there any relatives with family tree information out there?

  12. Amy Neidert Iverson says:

    I am just discovering my Hungarian roots. My grandfather Gulya Agust Neidert (1881-1967) was born in Nagyszekely; his parents were Kristof Neidert (1850-1898) and Anna Misek (1857-1945); his siblings included: Istvan (1876-) Kristof (1877-1923) Maria (1879-) and Leo (1883-1953). Kristof’s parents were Fulop Neidert (1818-1877)and Kata Nagel (1818-1869) Anna’s parents were Antonious Misek (1813-)and Anna Sampson. Anna had a brother Joannes Misek (1863 Rojtok, Sopron)

    Other than my father, Julius Neidert (1922-2007), I have never known any of my relatives. Any information or contact with descendants would be amazing.

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