There are only passing references to the original homes of the families who emigrated to Hungary and settled in Gyönk in both the Lutheran and Reformed parish records that have both been transcribed by the late Johann Müller of Bietigheim/Bissingen.  Even though the information is limited it is worth preserving.


The Reformed Church


Krauss, Johann Adam the son of Heinrich Krauss was born in Amt Schwarzefels and married Cunigunde Zinkamm on 01.06.1764 in Gyönk.


Lang, Kasper’s wife Elisabeth was born around 1696 in Langen Solbold in Hessen died in Gyönk on 09.01.1767.


Muth, Johann Heinrich was born in Hanau around 1706 and died in Gyönk on 12.03.1780.


März, Conrad was born in Ostheim, Hanau around 1696 and died in Gyönk on 07.12.1763.


Volk, Ernst was born in Isenburg around 1688 and died in Gyönky on 18.03.1767.


Zinkamm, Johann Georg the son of Johann Adam Zinkamm was born in Amt Schwarzefls in Hessen and married Elisabeth Reinhardt on 15.02.1766 in Gyönk.


The Lutheran Church


Alt, Johann Kasper the son of Bernhard Alt of Reichels Ried in Hessen married Anna Elisabeth Wein in Gyönk on 02.05.1765.


Guthmann, Anna Margaret the daughter of Johannes Guthmann of Mittelsinn in Hessen married Christian Wolf on 21.11.1763 in Gyönk.


Haass, Maria Catharina the daughter of Johann Wilhelm Haass was born in Hanau.  She married Johann Matthias Resch in Gyönk on 23.11.1756.


Hauser, Georg Jacob was born in Mittelroth in Hessen around 1766 and died in Gyönk on 24.03.1817.


Heitzenrader, Johann Marcus the son of Johann Heinrich Heitzenrader of Stockhausen, Hessen.  He married Margaret Thurmer on 24.06.1757 in Gyönk.


Kremer, Georg David the son of Georg Peter Kremer came from Dienssbach in Hessen and married his wife Eva in Gyönk on 08.01.1765.


Lamp, Johannes came from Baireith in the Burgenland and married the widow Eva Reiner on 10.11.1777 in Gyönk.

Mestyan, Andreas was born in Kremnitz, Slovakia and married Elisabeth Margaret Theiss in Gyönk on 11.01.1735.


Pflug, Johann Friedrich the son of Johann Heinrich Pflug of Schwäbisch Halle.  He married Anna Catharina Schmidt a widow in Gyönk on 22.08.1758.


Resch, Johannes the son of Georg Resch was born in Mittelsinn in Hessen.  He married

Maria Salome Berding on 19.01.1751 in Gyönk.


Rothemer, Franz the son of Johann Heinrich Rothemer came from Niedermassdorf, Hessen and married Anna Elisabeth Walter in Gyönk on 17.01.1747.


Seib (Seip), Matthias was the son of Melchior Seib and was born in Wurzburg.  He married Anna Catharina Schmidt in Gyönk on 13.01.1750.


Selig, Elisabeth was born in Langen Schwarz in Hessen and married Heinrich Nikolaus Stemmler a widower on 12.01.1756 in Gyönk.


Thurmer, Margaret daughter of Johann Melchior Thurmer was born in Metzlos-Gehaag in Hessen.  She married Johann Marcus Heitzenrader in Gyönk on 24.06.1757.


Vasca, Johann Matthias was born around 1706 in Bohemia and died in Gyönk on 07.04.1732.


Ziegler, Anna Elisabeth born in Mittelsinn in Hessen married Johann Heinrich Petermann on 27.04.1764 in Gyönk.

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