For those interested in pursuing a search of their own family history related to the Counties of Tolna, Somogy and Baranya in Hungary the following information and resources are offered to you.

4 Responses to “ Genealogy ”

  1. betty presseller mische says:

    I never see much about Wieselburg???

  2. hjfischer says:

    Wieselburg is the German name for Moson County.

  3. Mr. Kraehling says:

    I am a descendant of German immigrants to Canada of the Kraehling (in Deutsch it’s spelled Krähling). I haven’t been able to find much information regarding my ancestors and was wondering if anyone had information regarding the Kraehling family. It would be much appreciated. Dankeschön!

  4. Melba White says:

    I would be interested in information on johann Kuhlmann married in 1725. I’m a beginner (at 76) but ancestry,com doesn’t have anything. This could be father and mother of Johann sebastion kuhlman b. 1725 and died in Berks, PA, USA. The Kuhlman I’m looking for was probably born about 1704.

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